Virtual Tours and Online Experiences

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Maction Planet’s goal has always been to share our love of Tokyo and Japan with the world, whether it’s through our top-ranked Japan tours and experiences, our YouTube channel or our Japanese music podcasts on Maction Planet Radio. Now more than ever circumstances mean we are taking that mission online, with our Virtual Tours and Online Experiences. 

Visit Japan virtually from anywhere in the world and join tours, learn new skills and more.

Our experiences go beyond the activities themselves. They offer a deep-dive into Japanese culture. We offer our guests exclusive knowledge, unique skills, and inside access to local places and communities, building enduring bonds and prized memories.

What sets Maction Planet Virtual Tours and Online Experiences apart?

  • Access: Behind-the-scenes access to people, places, and activities that you couldn’t typically find on your own.
  • Perspective: Our experiences are personal; they tell our story and immerse you in our world. They offer a unique take on something special.
  • Participation: Be a player, not an observer. 
  • Passion: World-renowned for our enthusiasm, our guides and experience providers are passionate, knowledgeable and highly-skilled.

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Past events – let us know if you want us to run these events again for a private group of your family and friends or as a corporate activity to enjoy with your colleagues! 

13 June 2021: Tendon Online Interactive Cooking Class

31 May 2021: Kanpai Planet x Sake Lovers x Iwate Meijo Online Sake Brewery Tour and Tasting

23 May 2021: Dorayaki Online Interactive Cooking Class

18 April 2021: Omurice Online Interactive Cooking Class

21 March 2021: Gyoza Online Interactive Cooking Class

21 February 2021: Panda Bento Online Interactive Cooking Class

10 January 2021: Yakitori Teishoku Online Interactive Cooking Class

6 December 2020: Miso Ramen Online Interactive Cooking Class

15 November 2020: Sukiyaki Udon Online Interactive Cooking Class

11 October 2020: Katsu Curry Online Interactive Cooking Class

27 September 2020: A Japanese Cooking Masterclass with Chef Koji Kawaguchi

6 September 2020: Chirashi Sushi Online Interactive Cooking Class

22 August 2020: Okonomiyaki Online Interactive Cooking Class

12 July 2020: Online Interactive Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

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