Koji Kawaguchi introduces his Oyakudon as part of this Maction Planet Cooking Class

A Japanese Cooking Masterclass with Chef Koji Kawaguchi

Maction Planet is extremely proud to present an exclusive all-new online, interactive experience with Michelin-starred chef Koji Kawaguchi, hosted by Mac, Tokyo’s number one ranked independent tour guide.

UPDATE: EXTRA CLASS ADDED! See below for details

On Sunday 27 September, Mac from Maction Planet will host Chef Koji Kawaguchi of Hinokicho Lab in his first Online Masterclass. Together they will bring you an exclusive first-hand guide to the techniques which make Japanese cuisine what it is. 

An exclusive insight into the heart of Japanese cuisine

Chef Koji Kawaguchi is not your typical Japanese chef. His cooking style opens up a conversation between modernity and tradition; he has figured out a way of mixing his background training in a monastery, his travels around the world and his continuous quest for innovation to bring Tokyo a fresher, funkier approach to traditional Japanese cuisine at his new restaurant Hinokicho Lab.

In his first-ever online class, you will get the opportunity to watch, learn, and connect with Chef Koji as he takes you on an unconventional culinary journey to the heart of Japanese cuisine! You will immerse yourself in the history and evolution of Chef Koji’s professional career, the vision behind the culinary spaces he has built, as well as the techniques behind his remarkable recipes. In this Masterclass, you will not only get to discover the inspirations and techniques behind some of his signature appetisers and his takes on traditional dishes, but you will learn how to recreate these original recipes in the comfort of your home.

We will focus on two recipes which you can cook along to!

  • Daikon a la Koji: An incredibly refreshing appetiser served on its own or as a snack with cocktails or beer.
  • Oyakodon: Koji’s take on this classic Japanese dish belies its simplicity. Chicken, Rice and Egg combine to create the ultimate Japanese soul food.

Getting a front-row seat while this culinary rock star weaves his magic is more than enough reason to book this experience online! Without a doubt, this virtual master class will broaden and elevate your perceptions about the art of modern Japanese gastronomy. Observe, learn and interact with chef Koji as he takes you through this unexpected and unforgettable culinary journey that will surely excite the foodie in you.

Introducing Chef Koji and Mac

Koji Kawaguchi is well-known to Maction Planet tour guests as chef at Yotaro, Mac’s (and former Japan Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s) favourite restaurant in Tokyo. Sadly, Yotaro closed in December 2019 after 38 years due to building redevelopment. Koji has just opened a new restaurant, Hinokicho Lab, which is already proving a private dining hit with in-the-know locals. He is looking forward to welcoming guests from around the world as soon as possible!  

“My dream has always been to share my love of Japanese Cusine with the world,” said Koji. “Given the current situation regarding international travel, I am grateful to Mac for giving me this opportunity. We’re going to start by getting to know each other. I inherently believe that who a person is, where they come from, and how they’ve evolved heavily influences their take on Japanese food. I hope to see as many former Yotaro guests as possible, as well as to make new friends from around the world.”

Mac is the Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, Tokyo’s number one independent tour company. Mac will talk about Japanese food culture and share many stories about life in Japan, bringing his expertise on Japanese culture, history, food and drink, baseball, sumo, music… you name it. 

“I am simply thrilled to have Koji provide this experience for Maction Planet,” said Mac. “I have lived in Japan for 14 years and Koji made me the best Oyakodon I have ever had. To be able to host the man who ran my favourite restaurant on Earth is an honour.”

Join us and let Koji and Mac help you fall in love with Japanese food all over again!

Sign me up!

Three sessions will be held: 08:00 JST, 11:00 JST and 18:00 JST to cater to your time zone.

08:00 JST:

  • New York/Toronto: 19:00 (26 September)
  • Los Angeles: 16:00 (26 September)
  • Sydney: 09:00

11:00 JST:

  • New York/Toronto: 22:00 (26 September)
  • Los Angeles: 19:00 (26 September)
  • Sydney: 12:00
  • Hong Kong/Singapore: 10:00 

18:00 JST:

  • London: 10:00
  • Paris/Berlin: 11:00
  • Hong Kong/Singapore: 17:00
  • Sydney: 19:00

The experience will last around 2 hours, is limited to 12 groups per session and will cost ¥5490 per group. Email info@mactionplanet.com to take part. 

After booking, we’ll send you details of the ingredients and utensils you’ll need for the class.

Email info@mactionplanet.com to take part in this exclusive foodie event.

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