Maction Planet has been operating through word of mouth since 2006. In 2017, encouraged and persuaded by our guests, we launched the website you are now perusing with the goal of helping even more people experience the delights that Tokyo and Japan have to offer.

There are two sides to Maction Planet. One is Bespoke Tokyo Tours and Experiences. We aim to revolutionize the custom travel experience in Tokyo. How? Well, rather than speak about ourselves, check out our TripAdvisor reviews. The second part of Maction Planet is Apparel -unique T-shirts inspired by the city we love.

Our passion for Tokyo is so large that it is difficult for us to articulate everything that we love about it! The people, the food, the efficiency, the safety, the mystery of the past side by side with the technology of the future. There are so many different aspects to Tokyo – our guests have taught us that everyone wants to see a slightly different side of it: the gardens, the backstreets, the temples, the architecture… or, in most cases, a mix of everything!

We bring the experience of travel to over 100 countries and combine that with a depth of Tokyo knowledge to make sure that our guests get the most out of every moment in the World’s Greatest Metropolis.

The highlighted experiences are truly the tip of the iceberg. Contact us with your requirements. More interested in college baseball than the professional game? Fancy a magical evening with a private sanshin (traditional string instrument) concert in your hotel room? Maction Planet can help to ensure that your time in Tokyo is truly the experience of a lifetime.