Maction Planet  is a Travel and Apparel company based in Tokyo, Japan which has been operating through word of mouth since 2008. We run bespoke tours and experiences in Tokyo and beyond. In 2017, encouraged and persuaded by our guests, we launched the website you are now perusing with the goal of helping even more people experience the delights that Tokyo and Japan have to offer. We also have our own range of unique Tokyo T-shirts too!
Our primary service is to provide fully-customised experiences to visitors to Tokyo, 'The World's Greatest Metropolis'. (We really should copyright that!) This can range from full-day excursions around Tokyo and beyond, to evenings out tasting shochu, sake and craft beer, two-hour ramen experiences, watching baseball or other sport. Everything we offer through Maction Planet is fully bespoke, meaning no two itineraries are the same. For those who want support planning their vacation, Maction Planet can work with you before your trip to help you plan your perfect holiday in advance; or, as many of our guests do, you can just turn up and know you can the leave the whole trip in our hands. We have worked with people at either extreme, and at every point in between! We also do some pretty funky Tokyo T-shirts too!
We cannot stress enough how important our guests' experience is to us. Just check out our reviews on TripAdvisor! If there is one consistent message we have received it is that Mac's passion for Japan is second to none. On top of this, having travelled to 108 countries, Mac and his team of guides truly understands how important your limited time in Japan is. Having travelled alone, in couples, in groups we understand that everyone is different when it comes to their desires. Some people want to see as much as possible in one day - with the definition of day starting pretty early for those who want to visit the Toyosu Fish Market auction (!) - and some want to cover a smaller geographic area in more detail. For some, the nightlife is as important as the... errr... daylife! Whatever your style of travel or your interests, Maction Planet can craft your perfect, personalised time in The World's Greatest Metropolis. 
Our guests have written very kind and humbling reviews, and you can read them all here on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

Our guests coined the word 'Maction' to describe our attitude to life and the uniqueness of our Tokyo bespoke experiences. Who are we to contradict our guests!?

So, why not 'Maction Japan'? Well, while Japan is our home, it is a wide world with many adventures. Our Founder and Lead Guide Mac has visited 108 countries, over half of them multiple times. We intend over time to work with trusted partners to take the 'Maction Experience' global.

Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, is a Brit who has been living in Tokyo since 2006. Of the 108 countries which Mac has visited, Japan remains top of his list. In terms of his favourite cities, Tokyo is at the top of that! "Tokyo is truly The World's Greatest Metropolis", he says. And, as guests from all over the world will testify to, he really believes it. Mac lives in Ebisu, recently voted Tokyo's coolest neighbourhood. Friends say it is entirely appropriate, given he runs highly-rated Craft Beer Tours, that he has ended up living in the one Tokyo neighbourhood named after a beer! Mac's love affair with Japan began in 2002 as he used all of his annual holiday for that year to come to Japan and follow England around during the World Cup. Falling head over heels for the place, he returned home vowing that one day he would come to live here and sure enough, he was able to fulfill his dream in 2006. For over a decade, Mac has been a respected analyst and commentator on Japan, the culture and the economy, tackling subjects as diverse as The Tokyo Yakult Swallows Baseball Team to the impact of negative interest rates. He has been frequently quoted in the media, and has been featured in Reuters, The New York Times The Japan Times, The (London) Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, The Financial Times and SNL, amongst others.
As soon as you land! Maction Planet tours can start from the minute you leave customs. We can arrange transfers from any airport, port or railway station. Our guides can pick you up at the airport to take you on a stopover tour of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and more. Booking your tours to begin the day after you land in World's Greatest Metropolis also works! Your tour also doubles as orientation for the city's transportation and you can ask all those questions about Japanese culture which will arm you for your time in Japan. If you are worried about jetlag, fear not. Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, has visited over 100 countries and amassed a wealth to tips to help you fight it. Click to read more about Conquering Jet Lag like a Pro.
Yes we do! In fact, we run them all over Japan! Mac, our Founder, leads tours all across the country. Here are reviews from some former guests of their experiences on a Maction Planet Pan-Japan Tour. If you are heading to Kyoto, Hiroshima and elsewhere, our handpicked team is available to help you experience the most of those incredible cities. Mac has interviewed countless tour guides to find the best in each location - guides who truly value their guests' time and can deliver the Maction experience with professionalism, knowledge, credibility and enthusiasm. Due to our stringent requirements, we work with only one or two guides in a particular place so, as the saying goes, book early to avoid disappointment. For guests who want to stay closer to the World's Greatest Metropolis, our Beyond Tokyo day trips or overnight stays will give a flavour of what lies beyond the delights of Central Tokyo.
Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, wrote a blog post on this very subject. Thanks to the humbling reviews written by our wonderful guests and the amazing word-of-mouth recommendations they have helped spread we are continuing to see inquiry levels increase on a daily basis. In conclusion: Book early to avoid disappointment!
The minimum group size is one (obviously) and the maximum is infinity! Everything we do is private and bespoke, so whether you are a solo traveller or you want to bring the entire extended family for month around, you've come to the right place!
Maction Planet offers full customisation across time, geography and intensity, although everyone of course receives unparalleled service and attention to detail - the kind we would hope to receive when we travel. There is no typical trip for us. Of course, we can provide more 'standard' itineraries if requested - we feel everyone needs to experience Tokyo's Iconic Sights. However, when we have handled requests as varied as sourcing engagement rings, to the best Yuzu Ramen 'that is not in any guidebook', to private ikebana lessons in your hotel room, we truly understand that one size does not fit all at all! As such, pricing is agreed after we have communicated with you to find out exactly what where your interests lie and we have crafted and customised your perfect time in Tokyo.
We love working with our partners and affiliates. If you would like to discuss projects, please email us at info@mactionplanet.com