Tokyo Yakult Swallows: Swallows Crew Platinum Crew Merchandise Unboxing 2019

Tokyo Yakult Swallows: ‘Swallows Crew’ Platinum Crew Merchandise Unboxing 2019

Good things come in threes… but so do Tokyo Yakult Swallows ‘Swallows Crew’ Platinum Crew Merchandise Unboxing Videos! After the runaway success of the last two years of videos Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, returns to take more baseball merchandise out of a box! 

The Swallows Crew is the current incarnation of the fan club of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows Baseball Team. Born in 2013, the Swallows Crew has various tiers of membership, the highest being the Platinum Crew. As a diehard fan I have no choice but to join this every year.

Speaking of decisions out of our hands, it is a well known fact of the modern age that when one receives a box with goods in it, one has no choice but to record the unboxing of said goods and share the video with the world on YouTube.

Combine the two together and of course we are now compelled every year to make Tokyo Yakult Swallows ‘Swallows Crew’ Platinum tier Merchandise unboxing videos. If you want to know what merch the highest level of Swallows fan gets access to, or are just looking to while away 10 minutes, this video is for you!

The 2019 Japan Baseball Season begins on 29 March. Maction Planet runs Tokyo Baseball Tours throughout the Japan Baseball season. Guests have repeatedly told us, and reviewed on TripAdvisor, that a visit to Jingu Stadium on a Maction Planet Baseball Experience is one of the true highlights of a trip to The World’s Greatest Metropolis. You will not just be watching the game – you will be part of the Swallows community. We even provide all the gear  – cheering batons, shirts and mini umbrellas – required to make you look and sound the part of a true fan! When the Swallows are not at home, we have taken guests to home games of the Yomiuri Giants, Yokohama Baystars, Seibu Lions or Chiba Lotte Marines. We also run Tokyo College Baseball Tours, which is an entirely different experience to the professional game! 

Maction Planet runs bespoke Private Tours and Experiences in Tokyo, and beyond. To book yours or to purchase a gift card, contact us at

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