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Japan’s secret spirit – Learn from one of the world’s leading experts on your private Shochu tour!

Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, was the largest backer of ‘The Shochu Handbook’, written by Christopher Pellegrini, the world’s first ever English-language guide to shochu. He even has the honour of having a cocktail named after him in the book! 

Shochu consumption in Japan comes second only to beer in the battle for the title of Most Popular Alcoholic Drink. That’s right – it outsells sake (nihonshu as it is known here). Mac and Christopher both passionately believe in bringing the joys of shochu to the world. But only Christopher has earned the right to be called ‘The Shochu Whisperer.’

Chris is a true ambassador for Japan and its most popular home-grown spirit. In his native Vermont, Chris entered professional beer brewing before he was even old enough to legally drink alcohol! He passed the Shochu Sommelier Certification exam offered by the Sake Service Institute and now he is one of the few licensed, non-Japanese sommeliers living here.  He is an internationally recognized speaker and has presented at diverse events, from art shows to gigs.

Maction Planet’s Tokyo Shochu Tour is unique, not available anywhere else, and a function of the strong relationship we have with Shochu.Pro, of which Christopher is CEO. Maction Planet is even the exclusive global distributor of Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro apparel, which has made a highly popular souvenir for our guests.

Whether you would like a brief introduction to shochu and sake, or an all-you-can drink evening with one of the world’s foremost English-speaking experts on the subject, we can customise your shochu experience in The World’s Greatest Metropolis. 

Some example itineraries we have recently arranged for guests:

  • A private Shochu tasting with “The Shochu Whisperer” Christopher Pellegrini at a Baseball game!
  • An evening of Sake and Shochu, reviewed here.

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