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Japan’s Biggest Party!

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Japan is a magical time to be in the country. 

Tokyo has several Cherry Blossom spots which are amongst the 100 best Cherry Blossom spots in the country. An efficient itinerary means it is possible to visit several of these during one day. These tours are extremely possible, and are often combined with our Baseball Tours to create a truly magical Tokyo day. 

The exact dates vary from year to year but in Tokyo the blooming of the famous Somei Yoshino is typically in late March, lasting until early-mid April. However, with over 200 different cultivars of Sakura, amazing blossoms can be enjoyed from February to May, if you know where to go! Visiting these off-the-beaten-track sites is a true cultural experience.

Along Cherry Blossom season, Plum Blossom (Ume) blooming, which is typically from mid-February to the middle of March in Tokyo, is also a beautiful experience. For guests arriving in February, we like to combine Cherry Blossoms and Plum Blossom viewing for a magical day trip from central Tokyo.

On 31 March 2018, Maction Planet is once again teaming up with Shochu.Pro to host the ultimate hanami party! In 2017 guests from around the world enjoyed DRAFT craft beer from Baird Beer, one of Japan’s most pioneering breweries, and unlimited all-you-drink shochu, Japan’s biggest selling spirit, from a selection curated by Christopher Pellegrini, the world’s only dual certified Shochu sommelier. It was truly be a great way to experience a genuine cherry blossom party in one of Tokyo’s most popular hanami venues, Yoyogi Park. We are repeating this extravaganza in 2018 and it is not to be missed! Further details and tickets are available here: 

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