Karaoke guide

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Sing like the star you are with our Karaoke Guide!

Derived from the words kara, meaning ‘ghost’ or ‘empty’, and oke, a corruption of ‘orchestra’, karaoke is now an international phenomena.  Karaoke in Tokyo is always fun but you can maximise your enjoyment with our Karaoke guide

Many visitors to Japan want to experience the true origins of karaoke. There are two types of venues: the majority are private rooms in multi-story complexes where you can sing with your friends to your hearts content. There are also places where you can perform to the assembled clientele. Some of these are quite incredible, ranging from amphitheatre-style venues to small bars where, if you pick the right song, you may get the locals joining in with you for a truly memorable experience!

Whether you’re intimidated by the neon signs, want to find the best deals, or a solo traveller who wants some company while belting out their favourite classics, we can help.

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