Japanese Cooking Classes

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Maction Planet offers private, intimate Japanese cooking classes in Tokyo, Kyoto and beyond.

Are you curious about how to cook Japanese cuisine? Perhaps you have a few go-to recipes, but want to learn some new ones. Maybe you feel like you’re too busy and need some inside tips to fast track tasty, authentic meals to your table. Wherever you are in your cooking journey, Maction Planet’s Japanese Cooking Classes are for you.

Learn how to chop, cook, and serve like a master chef. Not only are our classes a fun, unique experience during your holiday but learning from our professional instructors allows you to grasp the key culinary skills you need to make easy, healthy, delicious Japanese food. Our classes are about getting in the kitchen, trying things out, eating and having a blast as you start cooking your way to culinary excellence.

Food is a key part of Japanese culture, so much so that in 2013 washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Washoku has always been a social practice in Japan related to the production, processing, preparation, and consumption of food. It is associated with an essential spirit of respect for nature that is closely related to the sustainable use of natural resources.

We believe that enjoying Japanese cuisine doesn’t just mean flocking to the best ramen shops and sushi bars in town (though that’s a great start!). Truly enjoying Japanese cuisine means rolling up your sleeves and cooking traditional meals yourself. Then, when the holiday is over, you can take that newly acquired knowledge from our classes and apply it again and again in your own kitchen – it’ll be like taking a little part of Japan home with you. After attending one of our Japanese cooking classes, the next time you have Japanese food at home or at a restaurant, you will be able to connect with the dishes at a deeper level. 

All of our classes are private: interact with the instructor one on one and go at your own pace. Uniquely, we do not have any age restrictions, which makes Maction Planet Japanese Cooking Classes great for family bonding. Parents work in the kitchen side by side with their kids to prepare a delicious family meal. You will all learn how to prepare your personal masterpiece, and then enjoy it together.

All the Maction Planet instructors are equipped with extensive cooking and teaching experience, and they want to show our Japan-loving guests how to make the most authentic dishes from this wonderful country with its rich cooking tradition. Experience flavourful culinary delights and benefit from valuable kitchen advice. Our chefs don’t hold back on sharing useful tips for preparing Japanese food. Home-style Japanese cuisine is their forte, and the recipes are easy to follow.

You can tailor your private Japanese cooking class to the length that suits you and choose the dishes you want to create – from gyoza or ramen to sushi and izakaya favourites. There’s something for everyone and you get to rustle up a feast without having to do the washing-up after – saving you time for all the other great things to do in Tokyo, Kyoto, and beyond!

Unforgettable and unique – book a Maction Planet Private Japanese Cooking class and take the flavour of Japan back home!

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