Tokyo Food Tours

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The World’s Greatest Foodopolis!

Tokyo is truly The World’s Greatest Food City. The 2017 Michelin guide for Japan awards 227 Tokyo eating establishments with one or more stars, compared to Paris’ 92. At Maction Planet, we believe that this understates the number of high-quality restaurants that should be recognised. There are several restaurants in Tokyo that have actually shunned the award, and thousands that the reviewers have not even got round to sampling!

The Michelin statistics are often bandied about as being empirical evidence of Tokyo’s culinary┬ádominance. However, that is only a small part of the reason why Tokyo is a foodie’s ultimate destination. Living here for over a decade has taught us that the most interesting experiences are had behind the unmarked doors, down the winding steps and in the places where you would never expect to find┬áthe best ramen, tonkatsu, sushi or burger!

Maction Planet’s Tokyo Foodie Tours are a genuine experience. Constantly reinventing ourselves, as more and more groups go to the same department stores and areas of town, we explore more unique areas – we guarantee you will not see another tour group on our Tokyo Foodie Tour locations.

Unlike other more compartmentalised group food tours, we can seamlessly integrate visits to Tokyo’s most interesting eateries around your fully-customised itinerary. Great food around a baseball game or soccer. Family-friendly restaurants. Shochu and food pairings. And, unlike others, we are not formally affiliated with any establishments. We do not take commission from any bars or restaurants that you will visit on a Maction Planet experience. We go based on your requests and desires, and we welcome the chance to open up this city’s historic food culture to you. Itadakimasu!

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