Tokyo Craft Beer Tours

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Beer in the Land of the Rising Sun – experience it on a Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tour

Tokyo has seen a huge explosion in craft beer over the last 5 years, both imports from overseas as well as a huge increase in the number of Japanese breweries, finally fulfilling the potential that has been brewing, no pun intended, since the beer laws were relaxed here in 1994.

We have helped guests from around the world experience the great bars, local breweries and beer festivals around Tokyo, and beyond. Whether you want to find truly neighbourhood bars with one or two taps, or sample as much as possible on a ‘nomihodai‘ – all-you-can-drink – experience, Maction Planet’s Tokyo Craft Beer Tours can be incorporated into any custom Tokyo itinerary.

Mac has strong relationships with many of the bar and pub owners in the Tokyo area, and your experience will be enhanced with conversation and explanations that you would not otherwise get.

Some example itineraries we have recently arranged for guests:

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