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Art Heaven

We truly believe that Tokyo is the greatest art city on the planet. As well as the Japanese art on display, its place as a wealthy, developed, Asian capital has allowed the various museums and galleries to amass a huge collection from all over the continent, and indeed the world. The Tokyo public is prepared to come out in droves for major Western art exhibitions. There is a cornucopia of private galleries showcasing the best of Japanese and International contemporary art, and they are helped in this mission by the generous exhibition space offered by retail outlets.

Maction Planet’s Tokyo Art Tours are very popular with our guests. However, you do not need to do a specialist art tour to enjoy the street art, statues and exhibitions (many of them free) in The World’s Greatest Metropolis.

Whether you want to customise your Tokyo experience around a major exhibition, or check out some smaller galleries and gain some insights into their ethos and modus operandi, Maction Planet can help.

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