27 photos from the 2017 Pikachu Carnival Parade

This year’s Pikachu Carnival Parade was held in Yokohama on 14 August at 16:00 JST along Nihon Odori. Hot-off-the-press we present 27 images which capture the spirit and energy of the event. The Carnival is the main event of the Pikachu Outbreak. Despite being held on a Monday afternoon, the streets were absolutely packed. This […]

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36 photos from the 2017 Pikachu Outbreak

This year’s Pikachu Outbreak, the fourth of its kind, was held in Yokohama from 9 to 15 August. We present 36 incredible shots from this year’s madness. The official title of the 2017 event was ピカチュウだけじゃない ピカチュウ大量発生チュウ! (Pikachu Dake Ja Nai Pikachu Tairyo Hasseichu!), the ‘Not Just Pikachu – Pikachu Outbreak!’. One aspect of this […]

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Andrew Griffith, Transformers Artist, talks to Maction Planet

Mac on Tokyo: Andrew Griffith

World-famous artist Andrew Griffith, currently working on Micronauts for IDW, is best known for his epic eight-year run on Transformers, helping establish a new era for the franchise. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, talks to Andrew about his current and former projects, the strangest gifts he has received from fans and why Tokyo might just […]

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Tezuka and Takadanobaba

おはよう東京! (Good morning Tokyo!)  We love starting off the day posting uplifiting images from The World’s Greatest Metropolis, as seen on Maction Planet Tokyo Tours, on our Instagram and Facebook pages – check out these pictures of Ebsiu-sama and the sweeping train tracks at Uguisudani for some examples. Recently, we led off with the positivity of mangaka […]

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Yoshimichi Majima talks to Mac on Tokyo, here on Maction Planet

Mac on Tokyo: Yoshimichi Majima

Yoshimichi Majima is the showrunner for Brave and Bold, Tokyo’s premier artist alley event. Maction Planet talked to him about his love of amecomi, Brave and Bold Volume 2 and future plans for changing the face of Tokyo’s American comic book scene. Maction Planet: Hi Yoshi, Thanks for taking the time to talk to Maction […]

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