Yanick Paquetter talks to Mac, lead guide and founder of Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tours

Mac on Tokyo: Yanick Paquette

Yanick Paquette is a comic book legend. He began his career in 1994, and his work has graced titles such as JLA, Wonder Woman, Gambit, Ultimate X-Men, Seven Soldiers and Swamp Thing. Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, spoke to Yanick about the best-selling Wonder Woman Earth One, his experiences working with some […]

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Star Wars in Tokyo: Tokyu Toyoko Line Train Melodies 2017

There are many reasons why Tokyo is the World’s Greatest Metropolis, and one of them is the train melodies that play as trains are about to leave stations. These jingles serve a few different purposes, alerting boarding passengers that doors are about to close and providing sighting passengers with a last reminder that they had […]

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Tokyo International Comic Festival (Kaigai Manga Festa) 2017 with Kaiju King Matt Frank

2017’s Tokyo International Comic Festival, also known as the Kaigai Manga Festa, was held at Tokyo Big Sight on 23rd November, and Maction Planet was there! Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, was supporting legendary Godzilla and Transformers artist Matt Frank at his table.   Kaigai, as it is still more commonly known, began in 2012. This […]

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Maction Planet captured this amazing Tokyo Halloween 2017 Video from Shibuya Hachiko and Centre Gai!

Tokyo Halloween 2017: The Video

Enjoy our video highlights of Tokyo Halloween 2017 straight from the heart of The World’s Greatest Metropolis!  Shibuya hosted one of the world’s biggest street parties on Tuesday 31 October 2017. Everyone from Shibuya Girls to Salarymen to University Students to Families to Visitors to Tokyo descended on the Hachiko Crossing, Centre Gai and pretty much […]

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Tokyo Halloween: 31 October 2017

Tonight, we were once again in the thick of it on Centre Gai in the heart of Shibuya with guests on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour checking out the unofficial Tokyo Halloween Street Party on All Hallow’s Eve itself! If you couldn’t be there, then don’t worry. As always, Maction Planet has you covered for all […]

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Scary Police seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

Tokyo Halloween 2017

Maction Planet were in Shibuya tonight for one of the biggest parties in Tokyo – Halloween!  Once upon a time, Tokyo Halloween could only be enjoyed in a few bars and clubs, and only ex-patriates cared about it (see the fabled and now gone Yamanote Line Halloween Party). Now, things could not be more different. The […]

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A Brief History of Japan’s Railways

Here at Maction Planet we believe, like many, that Japanese trains are the best in the world. When better to wax lyrical about their greatness than today. 14 October is Railway Day – Tetsudo no hi (鉄道の日) – in Japan. We celebrate with a look at the history of the world’s greatest railway network. Whether […]

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Matt Frank Kaiju King collaborates on a Maction Planet Tokyo T-shirt

Maction Planet x Matt Frank Apparel Launch

Maction Planet is proud to announce the launch of a new T-shirt design from superstar artist Matt Frank featuring an exclusive brand-new character, the first in an ongoing collaboration. Most well-known for his Godzilla work, Matt Frank has been a frequent visitor to Tokyo, and his exclusive design for Maction Planet, featuring an all-new kaiju […]

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Matt Frank talks to Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tours

Mac on Tokyo: Matt Frank

Since 2011, Matt Frank has been known internationally as the “Kaiju King,” becoming the fan-favorite artist for all things giant and monstrous. We are proud to announce a unique collaboration with Matt: a brand-new kaiju created exclusively for Maction Planet Apparel! In this special edition of ‘Mac on Tokyo’, Matt talks to Mac, Founder of […]

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Pikachus seen on a Maction Planet Yokohama Private Tour

Where do Pikachus go when they finish dancing?

At Maction Planet, we see it as our job – no, our calling – to answer the tough questions concerning Tokyo, The World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond.  In the past, we have addressed weighty subjects such as the origins of the names ‘Edo’ and ‘Tokyo’, brought you 10 of Tokyo’s oddest museums, spotlighted the history […]

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