Mixmag Japan: Mixmag Neon Logo seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

What the Tokyo Locals Do: Mixmag Japan Launch Press After Party

Craft beer, the legacy of the zaibatsu, a cloudy architecture tour from on high, amazing ramen and thumping house music from Mixmag Japan… all in one four hour tour of Tokyo. Mac explains all in the latest edition of “What The Tokyo Locals Do”! “I love it when a plan comes together” said Xiaomai as […]

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Hugging the Tokyo Tower is a good allegory for the love we put into our Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tours

Tokyo ON #021: Odes to Tokyo

It is TOKYO WEEK at Maction Planet! Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, has taken over the decks for this episode, giving Resident DJ Royce Leong a well-deserved break. Join him as he spins a series of tunes about, set in or important in helping understand the heart and soul of The World Greatest Metropolis, Tokyo. […]

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Miyakojima planning advice from Maction Planet Tokyo Bespoke Tours

Tokyo ON #020: Summer Vacation

Time for Summer Vacation in Japan, and even if you’re not on vacation this episode is going to make you feel like you are. Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong sets the tone for traveling with tracks by 野宮真貴、一十三十一 and GONTITI and discusses Shibuya-kei, bath music and Hawaii on the way. So, pack your favorite […]

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Summer Musical Concert on a day off from Tokyo Private Tours

What the Tokyo Locals Do: Summer Musical Concert

“We want to experience this place like locals!” is a sentiment commonly expressed by visitors to pretty much everywhere. The desire to feel less of a tourist and more at one with the resident population has been something I suspect all travelers have been attempting since the dawn of tourism, and it has certainly become […]

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Sumida River Fireworks seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Photo Tour

Tokyo ON #019: Summer Lovin’

Maction Planet’s Resident DJ Royce Leong is back with a collection of Summertime Jams: party tunes, summer-themed classics and one-off seasonal hits to help you beat your natsubate! Featuring some of the hottest J-Pop artists such as Rip Slyme, M-flo and Beni, this show’s selection of tunes all have one thing in common – they are […]

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Tokyo ON #018 on Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tours radio station

Tokyo ON #018: Funkin’ for Japan

Summer is on and the best way to stay cool is to don your shades, dress sharp and hit the dance floor. In this episode Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong gets funky with a bunch of up-and-coming artists and groups like Nulbarich, I Don’t Like Mondays and Mukai Taichi, and also somehow manages to […]

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Tokyo on a Maction Planet Tokyo Nightlife Tour

Tokyo ON In The Mix: Tokyo Wandering

Maction Planet Radio’s Resident DJ Royce Leong gets behind the decks and mixes up half and hour of amazing tunes designed to accompany you on your strolls around Tokyo. Whether walking up tree lined avenues or down alleyways… on your way to a matsuri or to watch the hanabi… chilling in the famous parks or […]

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Tokyo ON #017: Singing in the Rainy Season

It’s officially rainy season in Tokyo now, but don’t despair, as the rain brings its own colour to life here in The World’s Greatest Metropolis with the hydrangeas in full bloom and lush moss in temple grounds. It’s a great time to sit in a cafe watching the water streak down the windows while nursing […]

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Picky Picnic as heard on a Maction Planet Tokyo Music Tour

Sumeba Miyako

I came across this Japanese proverb recently which really resonated with me: Kanji: 住めば都 Romaji: Sumeba Miyako English: Home is where you live The closest English proverb is “Home is where the heart is”, although the emphasis is slightly different. 都, みやこ (miyako) means ‘Capital city’, but here it is used to express ‘the best place to […]

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Meiji Jingu Stadium as seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Baseball Tour

Tokyo ON #016: Songs of the Swallows

Maction Planet fans will know that Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, is one of the most famous non-Japanese Tokyo Yakult Swallows fans. A regular at almost every home game and many away adventures, Mac has been watching the Swallows for 11 years through thick and thin… mainly thin. One of the elements of the Baseball […]

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