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Spring is here in Tokyo and can be enjoyed on any MAction Planet Tokyo Tour

Tokyo ON #008: Songs of Spring

It’s Spring in Tokyo! The Sakura have ushered in warmer weather, baseball season has begun and everyone’s ready for new challenges and experiences. This episode features a selection of sounds from Nakashima Mika, Fujiwara Sakura, Hoshino Gen and more. Tune in and let these uplifting tracks, carefully selected by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong, […]

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Maction Planet Radio returns with Punkspring Break!

Tokyo ON #007: Punkspring Break

In honour of the now defunct Punkspring Festival, Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong takes a look at punk music and its associated subcultures in Japan, playing tracks by the Nuggets, the Blue Hearts, TotalFat and Wanima among others. Tune in and Rock out with another episode of Tokyo ON, coming to you straight from […]

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Maction Planet Radio @ Tokyo Discotheque Orchestra Release Party

On Tuesday 4 April, the Maction Planet Radio crew were at the release party for Tokyo Modern Disco Review Vol. 1, the new album from Tokyo Disco Orchestra. The event was held at UNIT, one of our favourite venues in Daikanyama. We attended as part of a Maction Planet Radio tour with guests who wanted to […]

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Maction Planet Radio presents Hanami '17 Part II

Tokyo ON #006: Hanami ’17 Part II

In the second part of our series celebrating Hanami, the Maction Planet Radio team of Royce and Mac continue with another set full of Sakura-themed songs including songs performed by Hatsune Miku, Ketsumeishi and Remioromen. They delve deeper into the Hanami phenomenon by discussing history, culture and traditions around Cherry Blossom viewing, as well as […]

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Early Sakura captured on a MAction Planet Artokyo Art Tour

Tokyo ON #005: Hanami ’17 Part I

In this first part of a two part series celebrating Hanami season (cherry blossom viewing), the Maction Planet crew play some of the most famous Sakura-inspired songs while sharing stories about why this is one the best times to be in Tokyo. As the flowers begin to bloom all around, sit back, grab a drink […]

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Congratulations to graduates everywhere from Maction Planet

Tokyo ON #004: Graduation Nation

In this episode, Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong takes a look at graduation in Japan. Whether its a student’s final year of elementary, middle, high school or university, graduation from each stage is celebrated as a special milestone. In this show Royce covers the music, customs and atmosphere surrounding this very emotional special time. […]

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Experience The World's Greatest Metropolis with Maction Planet


When imagining the future, artists often look to Tokyo as a source of inspiration. A technologically advanced metropolis, highly structured and driven by mass consumerism. The genres of future funk, vaporwave and filter house often sample Japanese pop music then alter and loop it to create a futuristic sound that is immediately accessible, shiny and […]

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Shibuya Hachiko Crossing on a Maction Planet Iconic Tokyo Experience

Tokyo ON #003: Electric and Eclectic

They’re back! In the third episode of Tokyo On, Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong and Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, take a look at the more eclectic side of Japanese pop, with a diverse range of music from the likes of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Radwimps, Suiyoubi no Campanella, Awesome City Club and more. In addition to their […]

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The Maction Planet Radio crew the day they first met on a tour around Hachijojima

Tokyo ON #002: Legends of J-Pop Vol.1

Maction Planet Radio delivers a new episode of Tokyo ON, its flagship radio show, bringing you the sounds of The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong is again joined by Mac, founder of Maction Planet. Together they take on some of the Legends of Japanese Pop, with tracks by Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro […]

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