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Tokyo ON #017: Singing in the Rainy Season

It’s officially rainy season in Tokyo now, but don’t despair, as the rain brings its own colour to life here in The World’s Greatest Metropolis with the hydrangeas in full bloom and lush moss in temple grounds. It’s a great time to sit in a cafe watching the water streak down the windows while nursing […]

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Picky Picnic as heard on a Maction Planet Tokyo Music Tour

Sumeba Miyako

I came across this Japanese proverb recently which really resonated with me: Kanji: 住めば都 Romaji: Sumeba Miyako English: Home is where you live The closest English proverb is “Home is where the heart is”, although the emphasis is slightly different. 都, みやこ (miyako) means ‘Capital city’, but here it is used to express ‘the best place to […]

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Meiji Jingu Stadium as seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Baseball Tour

Tokyo ON #016: Songs of the Swallows

Maction Planet fans will know that Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, is one of the most famous non-Japanese Tokyo Yakult Swallows fans. A regular at almost every home game and many away adventures, Mac has been watching the Swallows for 11 years through thick and thin… mainly thin. One of the elements of the Baseball […]

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The New Otani Hotel as seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Tour

Tokyo ON #015: You Only Live Twice 50th Anniversary Special

The name is ON. Tokyo ON. Self-confessed 007 fan and Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong brings you a tribute to You Only Live Twice, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this week and is the only Bond film to be set in Japan. We take you back to 1967, discussing the movie and production as […]

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Get your groove on on a Maction Planet Tokyo Karaoke Tour!

Tokyo ON #014: Karaoke Supernova

No discussion of music in Japan would be complete without talking about karaoke. One of the country’s many musical gifts to the world, it is not just about belting out classics with your friend, but it is an essential part of the social infrastructure here. Your regular hosts Royce and Mac, who spend far too […]

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Tokyo ON #013: Greenroom

Greenroom Festival is a Music, Art and Film festival held every year in Yokohama’s Red Brick Warehouse. This year’s edition is held on May 20 and 21. Your host Royce Leong, with regular guest Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, use this as their excuse to wax lyrical about Yokohama, to which Maction Planet runs world-famous […]

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Maction Planet Radio is back with a show that plays music from Maction Planet's Tokyo Otaku Tours

Tokyo ON #012: May Daze

Tokyo ON is back! It’s May, the days are getting longer and hotter. In this episode, we take a look at what’s currently happening in the world of movies, TV and anime. This episode features tracks by Kuraki Mai, Bump of Chicken and Kirinji among other great providers of soundtracks to your favourite shows! Tune […]

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Japan Japan from Maction Planet Radio, official sounds of Maction Planet Tokyo Tours

Tokyo ON #011: Japan Jammin’

Episode #011 of Tokyo ON, Maction Planet Radio’s Flagship Show, is dedicated to the Japan Jam Festival, held from May 4-6 2017 at Soga Sports Park in Chiba. With over 50 domestic acts, it’s a fabulous showcase of Japanese rock. Tokyo ON’s host Royce Leong, Maction Planet’s Resident DJ, has curated a selection of tracks […]

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Tokyo ON #010: Electronic Dance Culture

The latest episode of Tokyo ON, Maction Planet Radio’s Flagship Show, looks at ‘EDM’ – Electronic Dance Music – in Japan. This episode is timed to coincide with Electric Daisy Carnival, a two day festival taking place on April 29 and 30 at Chiba’s Zozo Marine Stadium and Makuhari Beach Park. This will be the first […]

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Mac and Watusi @ Maction Planet Radio Tour to Unit in Daikanyama

Tokyo ON #009: Tokyo Modern Disco Review

The ninth episode of Tokyo ON is dedicated to Tokyo Discotheque Orchestra. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, was at their incredible concert on 4 April in Daikanyama, held to launch their new album TDO. We wrote about the fantastic night here! Together with Maction Planet Radio’s Resident DJ Royce Leong, the crew discuss the band’s history […]

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