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Maction Planet and Livio Ramondelli launch a new range of Tokyo T-shirts!

Maction Planet x Livio Ramondelli Apparel Launch

Maction Planet is proud to announce the launch of a new apparel collaboration showcasing the art of superstar artist Livio Ramondelli, featuring four different exclusive T-shirt designs. Most well known for his Transformers work, Livio Ramondelli has been a frequent visitor to Tokyo, and his designs for Maction Planet are all inspired by The World’s […]

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Livio Ramondelli on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

Mac on Tokyo: Livio Ramondelli

World-famous artist Livio Ramondelli is carving out a space as one of the most prolific Transformers artists of all time. We are extremely honoured that he has collaborated with Maction Planet on an EXCLUSIVE new apparel line, which showcases his incredible diversity and vision. In this special edition of “Mac on Tokyo” Livio talks to […]

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Maction Planet x Ramen Adventures Tokyo T-shirt collaboration

Maction Planet x Ramen Adventures Apparel Launch

Maction Planet is proud to announce the launch of a new apparel collection, developed in collaboration with Ramen Adventures, Brian MacDuckston’s ramen brand. “Brian is a legend. Everyone and anyone has used his website to find new ramen shops, in Tokyo and beyond. The man’s following and reaching continues to grow, both internationally and domestically. […]

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Mac on Tokyo: Brian MacDuckston

Brian MacDuckston is a true Tokyo luminary. Over the last nine years he has built up his brand, ‘Ramen Adventures’, from scratch to become the premier source for English-language ramen information. He has been featured across international and domestic media, and collaborated with the likes of Yoshiki from X Japan, Kairi Pamyu Pamyu and AKB48. Brian joins Mac, Founder […]

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Maction Planet Apparel teams up with Shochu.Pro for this great range of Tokyo T-shirts!

Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro T-shirts are here!

PRESS RELEASE: Maction Planet is proud to announce that it is has become the exclusive global distributor of Shochu.Pro apparel. This continues the ongoing collaboration of Maction Planet and Shochu.Pro, which began with providing bespoke Shochu and Sake experiences to Maction Planet Tokyo travel customers. They also recently worked together on the sold-out Maction Planet x […]

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