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Maction Planet captured this amazing Tokyo Halloween 2017 Video from Shibuya Hachiko and Centre Gai!

Tokyo Halloween 2017: The Video

Enjoy our video highlights of Tokyo Halloween 2017 straight from the heart of The World’s Greatest Metropolis!  Shibuya hosted one of the world’s biggest street parties on Tuesday 31 October 2017. Everyone from Shibuya Girls to Salarymen to University Students to Families to Visitors to Tokyo descended on the Hachiko Crossing, Centre Gai and pretty much […]

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Digital Vegetables: Bringing Light and Sound Cool to Cabbages and Carrots

There are many reasons why we describe Tokyo as The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Until 5th November, one of them is the presence of a large LED Greenhouse in Tokyo Midtown Grass Square in Roppongi. But, in true Tokyo fashion, this is like no greenhouse you have ever visited… The brainchild of Tokyo and New York […]

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Tokyo Halloween: 31 October 2017

Tonight, we were once again in the thick of it on Centre Gai in the heart of Shibuya with guests on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour checking out the unofficial Tokyo Halloween Street Party on All Hallow’s Eve itself! If you couldn’t be there, then don’t worry. As always, Maction Planet has you covered for all […]

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Scary Police seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

Tokyo Halloween 2017

Maction Planet were in Shibuya tonight for one of the biggest parties in Tokyo – Halloween!  Once upon a time, Tokyo Halloween could only be enjoyed in a few bars and clubs, and only ex-patriates cared about it (see the fabled and now gone Yamanote Line Halloween Party). Now, things could not be more different. The […]

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20 Amazing Train Souvenirs from the 24th Railway Festival

14 October is Railway Day – Tetsudo no hi (鉄道の日) – in Japan! Sadly, Railway Day is not a national holiday here, but Monday 9 October 2017 was (it was Health and Sports Day), which is why many festivals were held over that weekend, including the 24th Railway Festival in Hibiya Park, organised by the […]

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BeerFes Yokohama on a Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tour

BeerFes Yokohama 2017

The ‘Great Japan Beer Festival’, more commonly known as ‘BeerFes’, first began in  Tokyo in 1998. It then spread to Osaka in 2003, Yokohama in 2006, Nagoya in 2011 and Okinawa in 2014. It is the largest beer festival in Japan and arguably its most prestigious. BeerFes hosts two beer awards: the ‘Asia Beer Cup’ (established […]

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Omnipollo Launch Party Bathtub on a Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tour

Omnipollo in Tokyo

At Maction Planet we are big fans of drinking local wherever we are in the world. Naturally, the vast majority of our Tokyo Craft Beer Tours, and our beer stops on our other itineraries, focus primarily on the great beverages coming out of Japan’s innovative breweries. However, once in awhile an international beer event comes […]

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46000 in 1: Shiman-rokusennichi at Sensoji

July 10 is one of the most important days at Sensoji, the world’s most visited religious site. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, discusses the history of the connected events happening around it, as enjoyed by our guests on their “Backstreets of Shitamachi” Tokyo Private Tour! Yesterday I spent an amazing day with Clare and Emma, our […]

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Cherry Blossom as can be seen on a Maction Planet Sakura Experience and Cherry Blossom Party

Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro Hanami Party

As part of their ongoing partnership, Maction Planet and Shochu.Pro will hold a collaboration event, a hanami party, to celebrate cherry blossom season in Tokyo. The party will be held in Yoyogi Park on Sunday 2nd April from 13:00-16:00. Tickets to the event will include the following Unlimited all-you-can-drink Shochu from a selection curated by Christopher Pellegrini. 4 x 300ml […]

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Strange Singing

Taking advantage of a rare day off, I went to see Doctor Strange today with a group of Swallows fans. As usual we went to our favourite cinema for early morning film watching – the ‘Godzilla’ cinema in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district. Highlight of the film for us was the falling Yakult sign during the climax […]

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