Tokyo ON In The Mix: In Search of the Rising Sun

Tokyo ON In The Mix: In Search of the Rising Sun

Maction Planet Radio is proud to present the latest edition of Tokyo ON In The Mix: In Search of the Rising Sun

One of the many reasons we call Tokyo the World’s Greatest Metropolis is its fusion of ancient traditions and cutting edge technology, that fine balance of spirituality and hyper-efficiency. You should expect nothing less than this multifacet magnificence in a mix of purely Japanese house music by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong for Tokyo ON.

This stylish set features OGs like Satoshi Tomiie, Ken Ishii and Shinichi Atobe alongside trendsetters AmPm, Qrion, WAKON and more.

Thumping beats, traditional instruments, bells and whistles, it’s all here. Enjoy an epic aural journey from the land of the rising sun.


  1. Tokyo is Dying – WAKON
  2. Traveling Light feat. Frida Sundemo – AmPm
  3. Light to Bright – Hiroshi Watanabe
  4. Shoulder – Studio Apartment
  5. Low Tension (2014 Remastered Original Mix) – Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada
  6. So Good, So Right 2 – Shinichi Atobe
  7. 23 – Qrion
  8. Be There (Original Mix) – Kentaro Takizawa & Hiro-A-Key
  9. Labyrinth (Album Mix) – Mondo Grosso
  10. THE FRUITS – Disk Nagataki
  11. El Cafe (Satoshi Fumi’s Penguin Mix) – DJ Wada
  12. Kazunoko – Foodman
  13. HARU NO UMI 螺旋 – YY
  14. Namiura (Original Mix) – Satoshi Tomiie
  15. Bells of New Life – Ken Ishii

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In The Mix: In Search of the Rising Sun’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

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