Tokyo ON In the Mix: Back 2 the Garage

Tokyo ON In the Mix: Back 2 the Garage

Japanese Garage and 2-step. ‘Nuff said!

Championed by Taku Takahashi of m-Flo, garage and 2-step have always had a following in Japan, but in recent years there’s been something of a revival with new garage-influenced tracks from young and upcoming artists in a variety of genres. It is therefore with great pleasure that Tokyo ON presents this mix packed exclusively with recently released Japanese garage/2-step songs for you to rave to in 2021 and beyond.


  1. HIGHWAY (feat. JNKMN) – A-THUG
  2. Midnight Express (feat. Q-West.) – Gucci Prince & Spada
  3. Space Ship 2094 feat. Utae (Prod. Carpainter) – ONJUICY, Utae, Carpainter
  4. 祝日 – Mom
  5. be yourself (Edit 004) – DE DE MOUSE
  6. Foolish (feat. Daichi Yamamoto) – Haloez & Qunimune
  7. Into You – qlius
  8. Joyride (feat. SARA-J) [Extended Mix] – JUBEE
  9. Capsule (feat. Daigo Sakuragi) [Ohnesty Remix] – YonYon
  10. Mixed Feelings – VivaOla
  11. City (feat. ASOBOiSM) – DJ YEN & 15MUS Production
  12. Drink Jam – Batsu
  13. Let It Be feat. Kid Fresino – Daichi Yamamoto
  14. Sunrise – Snowk, Shigge & Froya
  15. F.w.p. (ft. EVO+) – Takaryu
  16. 泡沫 – Batsu & EVO+
  17. Your Closet (Yaffle Remix) – 80KIDZ & YonYon
  18. Into U (feat. sheidA) – JUVENILE & ☆TakuTakahashi
  19. Misunderstand (Sawat Remix) – Tomggg x Lil Ice x Ada Shih x Sawat
  20. PINK – 西恵利香 feat. PARKGOLF

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