Tokyo ON In the Mix: All You Need is Dub - Japanese Dub Music

Tokyo ON In the Mix: All You Need is Dub

Tokyo ON meets Japanese Dub Music in ‘All You Need is Dub’

A chill-out mix dedicated to modern Japanese dub music filled with classics, covers, and Tokyo ON twists. For relaxing times and good vibes drinking beer (or red red wine) while watching the sun set.

All you need is dub…and dub is all you need!


2. showmore – style
3. YOUR SONG IS GOOD – Palm Tree (2020 Sessions)
4. TAMTAM – Lovers
5. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Reminiscence Lilac (feat. Hanaregumi)
6. Jintana and Emeralds – I Hear a New World
7. Ego-Wrappin’ – A Love Song
8. Taeko Onuki – A Kiss from the Sun
9. LITTLE TEMPO – My Baby Just Cares For Me
10. HIMI – Down hill
11. cero – TWNKL
12. asuka ando – ゆめで逢いましょう ~see you in my dreams~
13. 大比良瑞希 – RESCUE
14. Tico & icchie – SWEET MEMORIES feat. 中納良恵
15. PUSHIM – on 7th street
16. 堀込泰行 – エイリアンズ(Lovers Version) + THE NEW SHOES
17. Natsu Summer – 心から好き
18. Kan Sano – Stars In Your Eyes
19. 上白石萌音 – いかれたBABY
20. The Miceteeth – クリームソーダ編
21. MOOMIN – 夏の終わりハーモニー
22. The Learners – Always On My Mind

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In the Mix: All You Need is Dub’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

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