Tokyo ON #017: Singing in the Rainy Season

It’s officially rainy season in Tokyo now, but don’t despair, as the rain brings its own colour to life here in The World’s Greatest Metropolis with the hydrangeas in full bloom and lush moss in temple grounds. It’s a great time to sit in a cafe watching the water streak down the windows while nursing a hot drink or cold beer.

In this episode of Tokyo ON, Maction Planet Radio’s Flagship Show, Resident DJ Royce Leong provides you with the perfect soundtrack, bringing you a selection of rainy day music from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, indigo la End and amazarashi.

Whether you’re strolling around and singing in the rain, or staring out of your apartment pondering the mysteries of life, we’ve got you covered. As they say in Japan, 雨降って地固まる!*

*ame futte chi katamaru – literally translates as “After the rain, earth hardens”, but more poetically means “Adversity builds character”.

Listen here

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