Tokyo Halloween: 31 October 2017

Tonight, we were once again in the thick of it on Centre Gai in the heart of Shibuya with guests on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour checking out the unofficial Tokyo Halloween Street Party on All Hallow’s Eve itself!

If you couldn’t be there, then don’t worry. As always, Maction Planet has you covered for all things Tokyo. If you thought our photos from Saturday were crazy, wait ’til you get a load of these! By our estimates there were at least 5 times as many people tonight as there were at the weekend. The weather could not have been better – it was a beautiful autumn evening and that meant there there was nothing to rain on our parade… literally! 

Enjoy Tokyo Halloween on 31 October 2017 – all photos as always taken for the benefit of our guests and shared with their permission! Enjoy! 

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