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This Week in Tokyo – 8 October 2019

The latest edition of This Week in Tokyo is dominated by Week 3 of Rugby World Cup 2019. Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, was there to witness England vs Argentina and New Zealand vs Namibia at the Tokyo (Ajinomoto) Stadium. For the latter he guided tours before and after the match! Here he is with his perspective on this week: Interviewed by Jonelle Patrick; Maction Planet YouTube Fans; Meeting Eddie Jones; Fontana di Terebi and Empty Meiji Jingu.

Featured image – Interviewed by Jonelle Patrick: I was interviewed by author Jonelle Patrick about my thoughts on Tokyo tourism and how to get the most out of your time in Tokyo! Read more here: “Problem solved: How to do all the fun Tokyo stuff that’s nearly impossible if you’re not fluent in Japanese”

Maction Planet YouTube Fans at New Zealand vs Namibia

Maction Planet YouTube Fans: On Saturday night, after attending England vs Argentina nd watching Japan vs Samoa in an incredible environment I met a fan who recognised me from the Maction Planet YouTube Channel at Meidaimai. He thanked me for bringing the true atmosphere of the games to his family and friends. It was the icing on the cake of an already amazing day! The next day the same thing happened at the Ajinomoto Stadium when these lads spotted me from afar and asked to grab a photo together. I was very flattered and will treasure their encouragement to keep doing what we are doing. We have big plans for the Maction Planet YouTube so if you haven’t already please head over there and subscribe. We continue…  

Mac and Eddie Jones. current England and Former Japan Rugby Manager!

Meeting Eddie Jones: I didn’t think we would meet like this, but I finally came face-to-face with current England and former Japan Rugby Manager Eddie Jones thanks to a fan who was sat close to me at England vs Argentina on Saturday 5 October!

The Fontana di Terebi outside Fuji Television in Odaiba

Fontana di Terebi: No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Fontana di Trevi. Is no trip to Tokyo complete without a visit to the Fontana di Terebi in Odaiba? You decide! Personally I think both are equally iconic landmarks. Does the Trevi Fountain feature Fuji TV’s official mascot character, LAUGH? I rest my case.

Empty Meiji Jingu Shrine

Empty Meiji Jingu: Meiji Jingu is one of the most visited religious sites on Earth with 30 million visitors a year. How do you have it all to yourself, like me and my guests Christopher, Elena, Josh and Eric did on 4 October? That’s the Maction Planet difference…

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