Characters outside B-side Label in Harajuku

This Week in Tokyo – 15 September 2020

Welcome to another edition of ‘This Week in Tokyo’! ‘This Week in Tokyo’ is a review of the Maction Planet week that was and a look ahead to what’s coming up in the city. Check out photos from our adventures and read insights into our explorations as we get under the skin of the World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond. This week’s edition is hosted by Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide. This week: B-Side Label Crew; Tokyo Teams Together; Salarymac; More Masterclass and Katsu Curry Smile.

B-Side Label Crew: I made some new friends this week at B-Side Label! Many Maction Planet Tokyo tour guests are familiar with this store in the backstreets of Urahara. Their high-quality waterproof and UV protected stickers make great souvenirs. Plus, thee staff in the store are some of the friendliest on the planet. As always, I am wearing a cap. My T-shirt says ‘Japan’. The T-shirt on the left says ‘Happiness’ and the one on the right says ‘Harajuku’. And yes, that is Road Runner looking on at us from the window of B-Side Label. Just another day in the World’s Greatest Metropolis.

Tokyo Yakult Swallows and FC Tokyo Masks

Tokyo Teams Together: As Nahoko and I were perfecting our Katsu Curry recipe for our online cooking class on 11 October (see below), her husband Kei came in wearing an FC Tokyo facemask! Both my Tokyo baseball and football teams were being represented, so the moment was too good to pass up!

Salarymac: Mac. Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, in his salryman days on a crowded Tokyo train

Salarymac: Before I was set up my own Tokyo (and now Pan-Japan) tour company, I was a salaryman! I was invited by journalist Duncan Barlett to share some of my early experiences working in Japan for his website Japan Story. I chose a couple of incidents, involving karaoke and an office-wide vanishing, which should hopefully provide some insight for people trying to understand the unique office culture here. Read more here: OR check it out on LinkedIn: While you are there, give the Maction Planet LinkedIn Page a follow!

Chef Koji Kawaguchi from Tokyo restaurant Yotaro and Hinokicho Lab and Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet

More Masterclass: One of the sessions for our Japanese Cuisine Masterclass with Michelin-honoured Chef Koji Kawaguchi on 27 September has SOLD OUT! Many thanks to all you dedicated foodies and lovers of Japanese culture for making this such a success. GOOD NEWS: We have added another session at 11:00 JST, so no one has to miss out! This session is especially suitable for the West Coast US timezone (evening of 26 September) as well as lunchtime in Asia and Australia on 27 September. Plus, we still have spots available for the 18:00 JST session – perfect for all our European guests.

In his first-ever online class, you will get the opportunity to watch, learn, and connect with Chef Koji as he takes you on an unconventional culinary journey to the heart of Japanese cuisine! You will immerse yourself in the evolution of Chef Koji’s professional career and the techniques behind his remarkable recipes. You will not only get to discover the inspirations behind some of his signature appetisers and his takes on traditional dishes (see header image of this post), but you will learn how to recreate these original recipes in the comfort of your home.

Email to sign up!

Katsu Curry Cooking Class

Katsu Curry Smile: Chef Nahoko and I have just perfected our Katsu Curry recipe for our online cooking class on 11 October, during which we will teach you how to make this! Take my word for it; it was insanely delicious. The class is suitable for omnivores and vegetarians. We’re running two sessions to cater to all timezones. Those in-the-know have already secured their spots. Email to sign up! More info here:

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