This Week in Tokyo – 14 March 2023

Welcome to ‘This Week in Tokyo’, a review of the Maction Planet week that was and a look ahead to what’s coming up in the city. Hosted by Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, you can check out photos from our tours and read insights into our explorations as we get under the skin of the World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond!

Featured image: Check out this epic LEGO model of Super Mario at Yodobashi Akiba in Tokyo! It was built using an impressive 22,176 bricks and weighs in at a whopping 52 kilograms. It took a dedicated team of builders 125 hours to complete this masterpiece – that’s over five days of building!

Long-time Maction Planet fans know I love Plum Blossoms. Before the Somei Yoshino Cherry Blossoms hit, we are coming to the end of their glorious reign! I captured this tree, on its way down from full bloom at the Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku.

To find out more about the culture and significance of the beautiful Plum Blossoms, check out my Ode to Ume.

We are gearing up for the main Cherry Blossom season and the Kanpai Planet x Japan Distilled Hanami Party on 26 March, but guests visiting Tokyo right now can enjoy a number of early blooming Sakura varietals… if you know where to look. That is exactly what Jacqui and Hyland experienced on Sunday, alongside great coffee, markets, ramen, neighbourhoods, local games, tradition and much much more!

On Friday, I was honoured to be part of Arvid and Utako’s wedding event. Three years in the making, this incredible couple was finally able to make it to the World’s Greatest Metropolis to celebrate their special day with family and friends. I was about to share my love of Tokyo in a special North-East to South-West Pan-Tokyo extravaganza, which saw us pack in an overview of some of the city’s major sites. Much fun was had by all… especially me, as you can see!

Over the last few months, Tokyo has been experiencing a polka dot takeover thanks to the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Yayoi Kusama. Iconic locations in Tokyo have been transformed into vibrant art installations to promote the collection, and Louis Vuitton stores across the city have been adorned with Kusama’s signature polka dots and pumpkins.

While many of the tie-ins have been impressive, this Yayoi Kusama robot at the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando may take the win.

With a polka dot dress and pumpkin-shaped wig, the robot paints dots on the window and features shockingly realistic facial expressions. We continue…

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