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This Week in Tokyo – 1 March 2022

A special edition of This Week in Tokyo, as we unveil a special Kanpai Planet event: Making Sake on Sado 

In July 2021 I spent one week making Japanese sake in Nishimikawa, in the south west of Sado Island – at Gakkogura. 

Gakkogura is a brewery school run by Obata Shuzo, which is one of five sake breweries on Sado Island.  

Gakko means school and kura means brewery. 

学校 (がっこう) GAKKO =  SCHOOL  + 蔵 (くら) KURA = BREWERY

In 2014, Obata Shuzo converted a 136-year-old primary school building into their 2nd sake brewery. And they know a thing or two about fine sake because they’ve been making it since 1892.

The school still has its huge gymnasium and kids’ drawings of Sado’s famous “Toki” bird, but now one end is pimped out with everything needed for the school’s new students to get hands-on experience making their own boutique sake. And that’s what I did over 7 amazing days spent there. That experience is now available for all to enjoy in a documentary series exclusive to Kanpai Planet: Making Sake on Sado. 

There are nine videos in the Making Sake on Sado series. We’ll be releasing one video every 4 days for the entirety of March 2022, starting on 3 March. The introductory video which you can watching below is followed by one episode for each day of my time at Gakkogura, showcasing the sake-making process on a level never before seen. The final video in the series, to be released on 31 March 2022, is a special yet-to-be-revealed bonus! 

The videos – which include custom-made graphics –  have been months in the making and I am incredibly proud of these end result. I hope they kindle interest in Japanese sake and spread the message of ‘Brewing happiness by brewing sake’ worldwide. 

I’d love you to join me on this life-changing adventure, and I hope you learn more about Japan’s incredible national drink along the way. Regardless of whether you’re a nihonshu expert or a sake noob, you’ll find lots to edutain you. 

In case you are unaware, Kanpai Planet is our sister platform dedicated to bringing you the world of Japan’s drinks, direct from the heart of Tokyo… or in this case, Sado Island! We have huge plans for this channel, so please share these videos with all your drinks-loving friends! And, of course, subscribe and set the bell icon to ‘All notifications to be sure to be notified as soon as each new episode drops!

The ‘Making Sake on Sado’ project was self-funded and has taken months of work. You can help support this, and future high-quality Japan drinks content on Kanpai Planet, at It would truly be appreciated. 

Looking forward to hosting you on this journey into the heart of Japanese culture. 



1 March 2022

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