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Making Sake on Sado: 6-month anniversary!

Today marks the six-month anniversary of the release of the first episode of ‘Making Sake on Sado’. You can watch the entire series here. With your help, the next six months could be even more exciting!

I cannot convey how proud I am of Making Sake on Sado. The feedback I have received has been off-the-charts. The viewer retention rates are significantly higher than YouTube average and amongst the highest on our sister drinks-focused platform, Kanpai Planet.

When people click on Making Sake on Sado, they stay! What we want is more people to watch it!

To make that happen, I need your help! Social media can be a massive echo chamber… unless wonderful people like you share, retweet and do your thing to help eyeballs land on the project. If you can share posts and videos as I publish them, I would truly appreciate it.

If you’ve only recently started following me… Well, in July 2021 I spent one week making Japanese sake on Sado Island – at Gakkogura, a brewery school founded by Obata Shuzo, one of the island’s five sake breweries.

That experience was documented and edited to TV-grade documentary, and is available for all to enjoy for free in a Kanpai Planet exclusive series, Making Sake on Sado.

I made Japanese sake and it was reviewed by a sake expert

The first video in the series is a short, introductory trailer-teaser video. This is followed by seven videos showing my experiences on each day. In the ninth “Finale” video I’m joined by sake professional Christopher Hughes as we both critically review my Gakkogura sake made with my intrepid teammates – the Rising Dragons.

There is a lot happening as part of the six-month anniversary celebrations! 

Each day for the next nine days I’ll be releasing one YouTube short/Instagram Reel/TikTok… err … TikTok, showcasing an exert from each of the episodes, to give people a feel for the quality of edutainment to expect from investing in the series. Watch the first of these here.

I made Japanese sake and pressed it with a fune

Plus, each video is getting a new title and thumbnail!

You can help support this, and future high-quality Japan drinks content on Kanpai Planet, at buymeacoff.ee/kanpaiplanet. Enjoy, and Kanpai!

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