Maction Planet's New Logo, 'M-Boldened'

Maction Planet updates its Logo and Brand Identity

Maction Planet, the Tokyo Travel and Apparel company which has been “reinventing custom travel” in Tokyo, has unveiled the evolution of its brand identity, focusing on a modernized update to its iconic red logo and a new look and feel for communications and experiences.

“We’ve been on an incredible trajectory.” said Mac, Founder of Maction Planet. “Since the launch of our website in February 2017, and growing our business away from solely ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, we have come a long way. Our steady stream of customers have loved our unique, fully-customised Tokyo experiences. We are ranked in the Top 15% of all Tokyo Tours on TripAdvisor, with 100% 5-star reviews – ahead of many long-established Tokyo Tour companies. We were chosen as Official Hospitality Provider to “Brave and Bold”, Tokyo’s premier Artist Alley event. We now have over 2000 Instagram Followers. Our apparel business continues to grow with the addition of exciting collaboration lines. Now it’s time for our brand to embody the company we’ve become.”

The new logo has been evolved by Karen Rowland, owner of Graphically Ltd, a huge Japanophile and one of the lead designers in Maction Planet’s Global Design Team.

“Karen has done a fantastic job building on our existing ‘Planet M’ logo, which was conceived by our in-house design team in Tokyo. We have christened the new logo ‘M-Boldened’. It perfectly captures the dynamism, professionalism and energy which comprise the core characteristics of Maction Planet.” said Mac.

Eagled-eyed fans of Maction Planet will have noticed the ‘soft-launch’ of the logo on fully-branded Maction Planet Apparel. It’s huge popularity meant its roll-out across the Maction Planet platform has been accelerated.

To celebrate, Maction Planet has launched a new line of T-shirts titled ‘Maction Planet Signature’. Priced at ¥2,500, they incorporate the new logo, alongside statements that have become connected to the Maction Planet brand – “We Are Tokyo”, “Made in Tokyo” and “The World’s Greatest Metropolis”. We know there is a lot of love for our former ‘Planet M’ logo, so that gets its own honorary shirt too! Also available is a Variant ‘Black and White’ Edition of the M-Boldened Logo shirt, limited to 100 pieces, and priced at ¥2,990.

The evolved brand identity will be rolled out across the Maction Planet website, experiences, communications, social media and apparel effective immediately.

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