Maction Planet 'A Day at the Sumo' video collaboration with The Tokyo Life

Maction Planet and The Tokyo Life Announce Content Collaboration

PRESS RELEASE: Maction Planet is excited to announce that it has begun a collaboration with The Tokyo Life (TTL) to create content for their website and YouTube channel. 

“It is an honour for Maction Planet to be asked to create content for The Tokyo Life,” said Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet. “As a 13-year resident of Tokyo I was excited to see the launch of one of the first professional websites aimed specifically at foreign residents. We are delighted to be part of their journey. 

The primary goal of TTL is to help Japan’s growing community of foreign residents by providing information about daily life in Japan and features about Tokyo.

“Maction Planet and The Tokyo Life share the same goal of delivering top-quality information about Tokyo and Japan to our respective client bases. In our case, this is primarily directed at visitors from overseas through our Japan Bespoke Tours and Experiences. For The Tokyo Life, they wish to enhance the experience of foreign residents living in Japan. There is some overlap in our customers as we find that an increasing number of residents, both foreign and Japanese, are interested in taking our unique experiences, such as joining us for one of the most exclusive tea ceremony experiences in Tokyo.” 

“The Tokyo Life really enjoyed following Mac’s adventures during the 2019 Rugby World Cup through the Maction Planet YouTube channel. We knew he would be the perfect person to introduce Sumo to our foreign viewers. Mac’s knowledge of all aspects of Japanese history is second to none, and his genuine interest in Japanese culture is contagious. His style really draws you in, and you feel like you are truly experiencing it in Tokyo! We look forward to further collaborations with Maction Planet,” said Naoko Shirase, President of Global Language Institute and The Tokyo Life.

The first video created by Maction Planet for The Tokyo Life showcases a day at the Sumo. It features Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, spending a full day at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena enjoying Day 10 of the January 2020 Sumo Tournament. Mac discusses the history of sumo, the rituals and traditions around the fights, his favourite places to eat in the stadium and showcases some of the merchandise available at the Kokugikan. The video is available to watch at thetokyolife,jp YouTube channel and on the ‘Maction Planet on other channels‘ playlist on Maction Planet YouTube and below!  

“I really enjoyed making this video for The Tokyo Life. Sumo is Japan’s national sport and its popularity is increasing, both with visitors and locals, with tournaments continuing to sell out in record time. I hope that viewers of our video can learn a lot about the history of this incredible sport and what makes a day at the Sumo such an enjoyable experience.”

Keep following Maction Planet and The Tokyo Life for more collaborations uncovering Tokyo’s secrets!    

About Maction Planet

Maction Planet is a Travel and Apparel business based in Tokyo. They run private, fully-customised tours and travel experiences in Tokyo and across Japan. Guests have described them as  “reinventing custom travel” in The World’s Greatest Metropolis and beyond. Since the launch of their website in February 2017, and growing their business away from solely ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, Maction Planet is now ranked in the Top 1.5% of all Tokyo Tours on TripAdvisor, with over 250 5-star reviews – ahead of many long-established Tokyo Tour companies. They have developed a loyal fanbase, with over 3500 Instagram followers and 2500 YouTube subscribers. Alongside the travel arm, Maction Planet Apparel designs unique T-shirts inspired by the city they love. You can follow their adventures on FacebookInstagramTwitterMixcloud and YouTube. Contact for more information. 

About The Tokyo Life

Global Language Institute (GLI) conceived The Tokyo Life (TTL) as part of its Global Initiative to service schools, partner with businesses, and play an active role in the greater community. The primary goal of TTL is to help Japan’s growing community of foreign residents. By providing guides for daily life and features about Tokyo, TTL hopes to help them ease into their new lives. In the same way, TTL can also help businesses welcome a fresh, driven, and diverse workforce through GLI’s targeted services such as language support for English-speaking workers. Lastly, through these, GLI hopes to promote greater development and changes in the status quo of English-language education in Japan. And in turn, it hopes to highlight the benefits of a globalized Japan. With the 2020 Olympics at hand, GLI feels that it is important for Japan to redouble its efforts in attracting new talent. Through TTL, GLI intends to be the first to meet these demands. 

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