Maction Planet Radio @ Tokyo Discotheque Orchestra Release Party

On Tuesday 4 April, the Maction Planet Radio crew were at the release party for Tokyo Modern Disco Review Vol. 1, the new album from Tokyo Disco Orchestra. The event was held at UNIT, one of our favourite venues in Daikanyama.

We attended as part of a Maction Planet Radio tour with guests who wanted to check out some unique elements of Tokyo’s music scene, which can be difficult to crack for visitors, partly due to the language barrier, but mainly due to the sheer scope of events!
Sakura Tour with Maction Planet to Nakamegurogawa

The key word at Maction Planet is customisation. Our guests also wanted to see some Cherry Blossoms before the main event, so we started off the evening at 6pm in Nakameguro, at the Nakameguro River Sakura Festival. The atmosphere was fantastic, with the after-work crowds enjoying a stroll around the full-bloom Cherry Blossoms.

After some great rotisserie chicken and Sakura craft beer from one of our favourite breweries – Iwate Kura from Ichinoseki in Tohoku, we headed to UNIT. We got there in plenty of time to be front-and-centre when the concert started at 8pm.

The TDO comprises Watusi (Bass), 松岡 “matzz” 高廣 (Percussion), 堀越雄輔 (Guitar) alongisde 柴田敏考, 川崎太一郎, and 藤田淳之介. Guest Vocals were provided by bird, SILVA, JILLE and YOMaction Planet Radio Tour to Unit in Daikanyama SHIKA (from SOULHEAD). The 金原千恵子ストリングス – the strings trio were made up of 金原千恵子, 矢野晴子, and 笠原あやの.

The concert kicked off with some incredible orchestral remixes of “I want you back” by the Jackson 5, “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, “Relight my Fire” by Dan Hartman and otMac and Watusi @ Maction Planet Radio Tour to Unit in Daikanyamaher legendary tunes with a TDO twist.


All four guest vocalists appeared for a grand finale, which ended to deafening cheers and applause from the packed house.

All that was left was to take a photo with Watusi, and to drop our guests back at their hotel! A great night, and as always we would like to sincerely thank our guests for choosing Maction Planet.

Maction Planet runs Maction Planet Radio Tours, introducing people to the varied and diverse range of music in The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Contact us at to arrange yours!

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