Maction Planet at the site of Koyo Sokushin Jutaku in Rikuzentaka, hit during the the Great East Japan Earthquake

Koyo Sokushin Jutaku at 14:46, 11 March 2017

At 14:46 today, the exact time six years ago that the Great East Japan Earthquake hit, I was outside Koyo Sokushin Jutaku, one of the buildings in Rikuzentaka which has been preserved as a memorial to the devastating impact of the natural disaster.

As I took the video you can watch here, I could barely keep the camera steady as I was so overcome with emotion, but I wanted to record the memorial event at this incredible spot to share with you all.

It is overwhelming in so many different ways to be spending the day in the area of some of the greatest devastation. The strength of the people here is an inspiration. It is an honour to have been invited.

Love and eternal respect to the victims and survivors from the Maction Planet family, always.

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