Food Tour Ljubljana: A Way to Experience Slovenian Food Culture in One Day

With the emphasis on the Planet in Maction Planet, we introduce our friends in Slovenia, Food Tour Ljubljana!

1000 years of culinary diversity, 26 gastronomic regions, 3 big winegrowing areas, 365 authentic local dishes, 1 food tour in the tastiest capital in the world…

Blessed with a pristinely beautiful natural environment and exceptionally rich cultural heritage, Slovenia is a land of diversity. However, exploring this stunning country doesn’t only involve visiting its most famous sites and natural wonders, it includes tasting its culture. 

Yes, we’re talking about food. If the way to the heart is through the stomach, then the way to a country’s heart is taking a stroll down its culinary paths. And the best place to start is in Europe’s greenest capital – Ljubljana. 

Perched in a lovely subalpine basin, surrounded by forest-covered hills, Ljubljana is the melting pot of Slovenian gastronomy. It’s where Slovenia’s 26 gastronomic regions and 3 large winegrowing areas meet. 

Hundreds of years of culinary influences from the Mediterranean to the Alps, the Pannonian straights to the Balkans and beyond have given birth to 365 remarkable authentic dishes. 

That means you could spend one year trying a dish per day. Or you could join a food tour and get a taste of Slovenia in a single afternoon. 


Imagine you’re on holiday. After successfully avoiding those cliché fast-food places, you pop into a quaint Ljubljana restaurant to try something local. You’re hooked instantly. Then the all-too-familiar question arises: Where else can I find the most authentic grub in town? 

Living in the age of smartphones, you naturally resort to googling. A quick and easy solution, sure, but what it can’t do is introduce you to a variety of local dishes and tell you the stories behind them. Here’s where a guided food tour comes in.

Our tour takes you through the top joints in town, where you can taste the best of Slovenia and wash it down with delicious wines from the country’s renowned vineyards. No prior research needed, it’s all handed to you on a plate. Pun most certainly intended. What’s better than eating local? Doing so with a local.


As mentioned, Slovenia is steeped in culture. No one knows this better than the locals. Your food tour guides are avid foodies, proper culinary connoisseurs, and they’re natives. 

Homebred guides outrank any digital or physical guidebook. They’ll share their knowledge of the place and throw in some juicy facts about what’s on your plate or in your glass. After all, there’s a reason why Slovenia has been named the European Region of Gastronomy 2021. 

Every valley, town or even village has a culinary tradition stretching back generations. What you’ll be tasting is a blend of history with a pinch of modern Slovenia that goes great with a dose of humour.

Ljubljana is simply bursting with local delights and unique culinary exploits you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. So, in addition to an overview of the extensive dining scene and amusing tales, your guide will gladly recommend other interesting venues that would otherwise go unseen, undrunk and untasted. 

Back alley gems, colourful markets, splendid wine cellars – ask and you shall receive. By the time you order dessert, you’ll be fully informed. 


Time passes quickly when you’re having fun. Especially on vacation. In Ljubljana, there’s always a museum to visit, a castle to invade, or a boat ride to venture on. If only you could cram in enough time for some exquisite food-tasting. Well, you can. 

The food tour allows you to taste more delicious goodies in a day than you would in a week. It’ll also give you a chance to spot a few interesting locations and find out something extra about the area. It’s a tour, after all. Moreover, you’re guaranteed to spend considerably less cash than on a do-it-your-self dining spree. 


Food tours are limited to smaller groups of people, which means they’re an excellent opportunity to mingle with fellow foodies. Travel stories will be exchanged, scrumptious food eaten and glasses will clink. Add a few personal anecdotes to the mix and suddenly talking to strangers becomes incredibly enjoyable. 

At the end of the day, the main ingredients of any gastronomical adventure are people and culture. Ljubljana is home to an amazing blend of both. Join our food tour and experience why Slovenia is so finger-licking good. Your mouth and mind deserve it. 

Happy travels and bon appétit!

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