Highlights from the 24th Sesshu International Art Society Exhibition

On 13th December, our founder Mac was invited to the opening reception for the 24th Sesshu International Art Society Exhibition. He wrote about his experience here. In this post, we present selected highlights from the 250-piece exhibition. Enjoy! 

Featured image: Smile by Tena Nakayama (笑み by 中山てな)

Valley and Rivers by Shun Wang (秋壑清泉図 by 王 順)

 Live, 2017 by Ranseki Kaneda(生きる2017 by 金田蘭石)

Hakkaisan by Masayoshi Toyoshima(八海山 by 豊島正誼)

Thirteen Buddhas by Junko Futamura(十三仏尊 by 二村洵光)

From left to right: Flame by Akie Takeuchi (焔 by 竹内昭江); Bird by Yoshiko Aoki (鳥 by 青木良子); Flower by Akiyo Nakamura (花 by 中村明代)

Amitābha by Choko Sakaguchi(阿弥陀如来 by 阪口朝光)

Desire by Hekisui Kawai(想 by 河合碧水)

Buddha Statues in Dambulla, Sri Lanka by Kaichi Satomi (スリランカ・ダンブッラの釈迦座像 by 里見嘉一)

Rainbow by Koyo Oshima (レインボー by 大島光洋)

Midnight of Autumn by Issei Matsubara(秋の夜半 by 松原一世)

Morning Sunlight by Hideo Kikuchi(朝光 by 菊池秀夫)

The 24th Sesshu International Art Society Exhibition is on show at the National Art Centre, Nogizaka, in Salons 1C and 1D from 13th December to 24th December 2017. Admission is free.

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