Showa Gentokan visited on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

10 Tokyo Museums Odder than the Cup Noodle Museum

The August edition of British Airways’ Highlife Magazine has a feature about the world’s oddest museums. Japan is represented by The Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. While we don’t doubt that some people may find that fairly odd, here are 10 museums which we would argue are considerably odder. We use ‘odder’ here very affectionately, […]

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Miyakojima planning advice from Maction Planet Tokyo Bespoke Tours

Tokyo ON #020: Summer Vacation

Time for Summer Vacation in Japan, and even if you’re not on vacation this episode is going to make you feel like you are. Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong sets the tone for traveling with tracks by 野宮真貴、一十三十一 and GONTITI and discusses Shibuya-kei, bath music and Hawaii on the way. So, pack your favorite […]

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Summer Musical Concert on a day off from Tokyo Private Tours

What the Tokyo Locals Do: Summer Musical Concert

“We want to experience this place like locals!” is a sentiment commonly expressed by visitors to pretty much everywhere. The desire to feel less of a tourist and more at one with the resident population has been something I suspect all travelers have been attempting since the dawn of tourism, and it has certainly become […]

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10 candid Tokyo shots from ‘Sandman: 24 Hour Diner’ director Evan Henderson

Evan Henderson, director of Sandman: 24 Hour Diner, was a guest of Maction Planet last year, and enjoyed a multi-day Tokyo Private Tour with friends which included superstar comic book artist Ken Lashley. As part of a recent ‘Mac on Tokyo’ world-exclusive interview, he promised to share his favourite photos from his time in The […]

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Evan Henderson on a Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour

Mac on Tokyo: Evan Henderson

Evan Henderson has done something many filmmakers only dream of. He has taken one of the most beloved and respected comic book properties in the world, Sandman, and made a fan film which has received incredible worldwide support, including love from its creator and world-famous bestselling author Neil Gaiman. In this in-depth WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview, […]

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History of Kakigori: Amezake Kakigori enjoyed on a Maction Planet Tokyo Food Tour

An Ode to Kakigori

Kakigori. It’s just shaved ice, right? The simplest thing ever? As with almost everything in Japan, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Find out more as we take a look at the history of kakigori.  The history of kakigori, and ice desserts in general, at least that we currently know […]

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Maction Planet x Ramen Adventures Tokyo Ramen Rider Limited Edition T-shirt

Limited Edition ‘Ramen Rider’ T-shirt variant available now!

Following the successful launch of their collaboration apparel line in July 2017, Maction Planet and Ramen Adventures team up again to release a limited edition variant of their highly popular Ramen Rider T-shirt. The original Ramen Rider T-shirt was developed as part of Brian’s latest project. Brian is touring Japan by motorcycle, seeking out the […]

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Testu Fusen as seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Art Tour

Tetsu Fusen at the Tokyo Station Gallery

There is one week to go to see ‘Tetsu Fusen: A Retrospective – 40th Anniversary of His Death’ at the Tokyo Station Gallery. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, takes a look at the life of this unique artist who will transform your ideas about Nihonga painting forever.   You probably haven’t heard of Tetsu Fusen, […]

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Omnipollo Launch Party Bathtub on a Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tour

Omnipollo in Tokyo

At Maction Planet we are big fans of drinking local wherever we are in the world. Naturally, the vast majority of our Tokyo Craft Beer Tours, and our beer stops on our other itineraries, focus primarily on the great beverages coming out of Japan’s innovative breweries. However, once in awhile an international beer event comes […]

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Maction Planet and Livio Ramondelli launch a new range of Tokyo T-shirts!

Maction Planet x Livio Ramondelli Apparel Launch

Maction Planet is proud to announce the launch of a new apparel collaboration showcasing the art of superstar artist Livio Ramondelli, featuring four different exclusive T-shirt designs. Most well known for his Transformers work, Livio Ramondelli has been a frequent visitor to Tokyo, and his designs for Maction Planet are all inspired by The World’s […]

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