Alberto Giacometti in Tokyo

As part of its ongoing 10th Anniversary celebrations, The National Art Centre in Nogizaka is currently holding an incredible exhibition of the works of Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), drawing primarily from the Collection of The Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, went to check it out.  The exhibition of some 130 works, which […]

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Mac on Tokyo: David Watkins

David Watkins has established a place for himself in the annals of Japan Baseball Writing as the co-founder of, the premier English language site for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. A well-known face in the crowds at Meiji Jingu Stadium, Mac was lucky enough to talk to him about what brought him to Japan, his love […]

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Jizo as seen on a Tokyo Photography Tour

Touring Mount Takao: The World’s Most Visited Mountain

Nothing makes our day more than receiving glowing customer feedback, and that is exactly what we recently got from our amazing guests, Hannah and Albert, after their return to Germany. Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, writes about the recent Tokyo Photography and Hiking Tour to Mount Takao. On Saturday (17 June), we hosted a full-day photo tour […]

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Tokyo ON #017: Singing in the Rainy Season

It’s officially rainy season in Tokyo now, but don’t despair, as the rain brings its own colour to life here in The World’s Greatest Metropolis with the hydrangeas in full bloom and lush moss in temple grounds. It’s a great time to sit in a cafe watching the water streak down the windows while nursing […]

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Hydrangea Mania

Today was a rare day off for the Maction Planet team, and we decided to spend it conducting some tourism! It really is in our DNA. So, off we went to Kamakura, one of our favourite ‘Beyond Tokyo‘ destinations, to see the Ajisai – Hydrangeas – at Meigetsu-in. As you can see from the photos, […]

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Mac on Tokyo: Benjamin Weber

Benjamin Weber, founder of the world-renowned “Friends in Ramen” blog, took time off from reviewing Osaka’s ramen scene to talk to Maction Planet about his former home Tokyo, his favourite ramen spots and how Osaka and Tokyo compare.    Maction Planet: Hi Ben. Welcome to Maction Planet. Thank you for taking the time to talk to […]

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Picky Picnic as heard on a Maction Planet Tokyo Music Tour

Sumeba Miyako

I came across this Japanese proverb recently which really resonated with me: Kanji: 住めば都 Romaji: Sumeba Miyako English: Home is where you live The closest English proverb is “Home is where the heart is”, although the emphasis is slightly different. 都, みやこ (miyako) means ‘Capital city’, but here it is used to express ‘the best place to […]

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Meiji Jingu Stadium as seen on a Maction Planet Tokyo Baseball Tour

Tokyo ON #016: Songs of the Swallows

Maction Planet fans will know that Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, is one of the most famous non-Japanese Tokyo Yakult Swallows fans. A regular at almost every home game and many away adventures, Mac has been watching the Swallows for 11 years through thick and thin… mainly thin. One of the elements of the Baseball […]

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Tezuka and Takadanobaba

おはよう東京! (Good morning Tokyo!)  We love starting off the day posting uplifiting images from The World’s Greatest Metropolis, as seen on Maction Planet Tokyo Tours, on our Instagram and Facebook pages – check out these pictures of Ebsiu-sama and the sweeping train tracks at Uguisudani for some examples. Recently, we led off with the positivity of mangaka […]

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Maction Planet's New Logo, 'M-Boldened'

Maction Planet updates its Logo and Brand Identity

Maction Planet, the Tokyo Travel and Apparel company which has been “reinventing custom travel” in Tokyo, has unveiled the evolution of its brand identity, focusing on a modernized update to its iconic red logo and a new look and feel for communications and experiences. “We’ve been on an incredible trajectory.” said Mac, Founder of Maction Planet. […]

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